Our New Normal (Day 5)

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When I woke up in the morning I had this interesting and cool feeling. I missed my home. Not the beautiful one we left in NY, but the new one we were living in in Barcelona. We are really living in Barcelona? Still have not really wrapped my head around that concept. 

Being in Sitges for a 3 day weekend, I knew I wanted to run every day if I could get the motivation.  So at 9am, I left the room while everyone slept from the late night before and hit the town running. Because the sun was already coming down hard on the beach sidewalk, I decided to hang left and run up hill shaded by the houses in the town. Without realizing it I ended up back to the train station taking a different route and circled back the hotel. 

The rest of the day was the typical European beach town vacation. We walked to one of the beach clubs and had lunch at a table while we swam in the Ocean throughout the day.

One of the many beach clubs in Sitges

We came back to the pool area and continued there. We were out and about most of the day and when we got back to the hotel it was clear the kids would not do well if we dragged them the into the center of town to dinner. 

What do we do? Kel and I decided to use it as an opportunity to have a date night. We ordered the kids room service and a movie and went down to the trendy hotel restaurant to have a night out.

Room service and a movie for the kids!

At dinner, I said to Kelli, “how cool is it that we only traveled 30 minutes to be at Sitges vs a 7 hour flight?” This would be the new normal. We did not need to maximize every moment of a weekend away in a European vacation. We could try to live like “locals” as much as possible when away somewhere in Spain or Europe. 

We have a rule, not matter how bad we do, we try to speak to someone in Spanish before speaking english. Most of the time it quickly evolves to English, but it’s the effort that counts. Google translate has a huge asset so far!