We Clap. We Scream. We Are Not Alone (Lockdown – Day 3)

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Ok, I just started crying. The emotion of the moment got to me. We have been in our apartment since Thursday evening and this was our third night in a row at 8pm, going on our balcony to clap and scream. The thing was, we were not alone. At first, I thought it was just my neighborhood, then I was told it was all of Barcelona and today someone said it is all of Spain.

From our terrace we can see hundreds of other balconies. Each day more and more people come out and the clapping gets louder and lasts longer. We are cheering for the healthcare workers who are on the front lines fighting this virus. But at the same time we are also connecting with those around us. We are sharing at that moment WE ARE NOT ALONE.

Today, was the first day of online learning for our kids. It was a dreary rainy day here which made the moment on the balcony all that much more special us. Josh, Leila, and Jonah did great. Josh even had his first guitar lesson through skype. It was his teacher’s first online lesson as well. I had my morning Spanish class on zoom.

Kelli helping Jonah with Seasaw Learning App.
Josh enjoying his first online guitar lesson

In the afternoon, I had a call with members of Lawline’s Customer team and I asked them to teach me how to answer email tickets and chats. Being stuck at home all day, I want to do anything but keep reading one worse headline after the other. In the morning I had a call with Sigalle Barness, Lawline’s COO, and we reviewed our contingency planning. Her work ethic during this time is just inspiring. Then I got on a call with my sister, while we talked about work, it was nice just to talk.

Later in the day, I shared with my dad, I had a mild panic attack this morning. How did I get over it? I went straight to downward dog. It was my third day doing yoga with Kelli and it has it the spot. Later in the day I did two different 7 minute workouts. I looked off my terrace and saw three other people working out in their apartments.

My third yoga class ever.
Leila celebrating completing first day distance learning.

All over the world we are all going through our own version of the above story. The most important thing to remember you are NOT ALONE going through it.

If you are in an area that is locked down and there is no clapping yet. Get it started! Connect with your neighbors. Our community is more important than it has ever has been. Pick up the phone, do video chats, send emails, txt. Do it all.

The video below is from our first night on the terrace. I will start filming each night so we can see how it progresses.

Posted by David Schnurman on Monday, March 16, 2020