Quarantine Day 50 (My Grades)

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I have been grading myself every 50 days in Barcelona since we moved here, below is my grade for my first 50 days of quarantine. On a side note, as of Friday, 20% of our time living here has been in quarantine.


We have been grateful to build a strong community while living in Barcelona and have had many zoom nights with our friends. In addition, we have re-connected with our friends in NY, as well as, speaking to our family daily. Finally, I have a weekly hour check-in call with my forum mates. I even did a zoom with my AEPie pledge class for the first time in 20 years. It was awesome.


Considering all the articles I have read about how tough parenting and homeschool has been during quarantine, I think we are hanging in there (barely). We have added schedules and movie nights, and cook a lot of home meals together. However, the fact that Spain had one of the strictest quarantines in the world for children, it has not been easy with them cooped up inside. As of day 51, they are now allowed out for an hour a day.


I have kept up with my Spanish class in a way that works better on Zoom than in person. However, I have not done much outside of it. However, while I am sure I have lost some of it, I feel strong with my language and feel any day I am going to start studying more…


While I was unable to run or go to the gym, I picked up a new routine that in a way is harder than I ever worked out before. I started yoga for the first time and do it 45 minutes each day with Kelli. I walked 10,000 steps throughout the apartment regularly. And finally almost daily, I do between 15 and 30 minutes of calisthenics, thanks to the 7 minute workout app.


In a way, going to a full remote workforce has been advantageous for our company. Our meetings are better and more focused. We don’t have a commute and we spend a lot of time connecting socially in different ways via zoom. We also had to rebuild our streaming software and did it in record time so we could continue bringing our content to our customers on a daily basis. Sure there have been challenges, but seeing the team come together to overcome them has been so inspiring.


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