FFwd Mindset – 30 Day Challenge – Day 28

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Challenge 3: 7 posts by 8/24

Day 28

We have a total of 8 posts/podcast this month that were either scheduled or happened.

  •  Entrepreneur Hour Podcast by Chris Michael Harris
  • Next-Gen Mentorship Blog by Justin Lafazan
  • Interview for Profit First Podcast  by Mike Michalowicz(airs 8/24)
  • Interview with Millionaire Mindset Podcast by Julia Pimsleur (airing next month)
  • Featured in Wish Mission Blog by Bryan Wish
  • Scheduled The Hidden Why PodcastScheduling Grow, Sell, Retire PodcastSchedule Frame of Mind Podcast by Kim Ades
  • Featured in Thrive Global by Haley Hoffman Smith

#1 Fear

I originally wanted 7 blog post features for the SEO juice. Most of them were podcasts. With that said I love doing podcasts too. Also, 7 were not fully completed in the month. Either way, this is further than I ever believed I could do in a month. Thanks to all those above that helped make it happen!