The Day of the Electric Scooter + Much More (Day 6)

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I just finished my morning run on our second day in Sitges. I got back to the hotel and quickly went on google translate. “Agua fria grande por favor.”  And something magical happened. She went into the fridge and got me a large cold water.  So cool to be using Spanish to communicate even if it is cheating with google translate. But hey, its only Day 6. 

The rest of the day was very full! In step 1 of The Fast Forward Mindset, I talk about getting out of your comfort zone by experiencing new things. Most importantly, it does not always have to be a 10 out 10.

Jonah’s turn on the electric scooter

Today, I did a 4 or 5 out of 10 and rented an electric scooter to take each kid to the center of town and back. Since we are about 1 mile from town, the kids had not really seen it yet and I thought it would be a nice ride and opportunity for them to see more. It ended up being a ton of fun. The hardest part for me was I could only fit one foot on the scooter so after 2 hours of doing it I could not really feel my leg. 

The Car Paddle Boat with a Slide

From there we went to the beach and we were prepared with a blanket, towels and umbrella that I bought while scooting. It was key. We rented a car paddle boat with a slide on top and took it out to the ocean and had some fun.

We got back to the room pretty late, got ready to go out and did a quick stop over at the hotel rooftop. Glad we did as the view was insane. 

Rooftop View
Preparing Salt Baked Fish

We lived like true locals not starting dinner until 10pm (okay, maybe that was pushing it just a bit for our kids) and got home just before midnight. 

Here is the thing. Traveling with kids keeps you honest. If it was just Kelli and I it would be too easy and relaxing. There is constant fighting, not listening, just doing the opposite of what the situation calls for at a given time.

David Schnurmandavidschnurman

And to be fair, it is not always all at once, but with 3 kids it seems there is at least always one of them in that zone. We have lots of trips planned so it will be a learning dance for us all to travel together. What I do know is we are creating memories. Ones that our kids will have for the rest of their lives. 

Kelli’s first yoga experience in Spain.

PS. Kelli wanted me to share her first yoga experience in Spain was one she will not soon forget. She took a class at the hotel in Sitges. In ended up being just her and the instructor. He took her to a large rock in the ocean, did not speak a word of english, and Kelli only had her PJs to wear. Good times!