An Unexpected Sleepover (Day 16)

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I def hit that point if I stopped journaling daily the days would mesh together as they do in our normal lives.  I would struggle to remember what I did 2 days ago let alone last week. I think that started when the kids went back to school because our days now start much earlier and are structured around the 8am to 4pm school day.

Wake up, rush kids out of the apartment. Arrive at school. Do work. Get a workout in or a run. Explore something new or different (ideally) in Barcelona. Kids come back from school. Beg to stare at screens. Conference calls for work. Figure out dinner. Keep pushing for bedtime. Kids asleep. Parents Exhausted.  Sound familiar?  

Let’s see how that stacks up to my actually day yesterday. After we dropped kids off at school, Kelli and I had a Spanish class assessment at their school to see what level class we would be in. Suffice to say, my 15 or so hours of Spanish I took before I came helped me not be in the beginner O class. Which was a relief!  

After the assessment, we went out to breakfast, I hit the gym and then went for a walk around the area. Found a poke place to pick up and brought it home for my typical now 2pmish lunch. Had my weekly coaching call with Lawline’s COO. In fact, everyone in Lawline has a weekly coaching meeting. We instituted this about 4 years ago when we hired coach Mark Green to help us bring process and structure into our company to help us scale. These coaching sessions have been a game changer. What type of coaching do you do at your company?  

Leila’s friend from school ended up sleeping over because her mom got stuck out of the country due to an airport strike. Welcome to Europe.  It was nice as I all the kids had a great time together. 

We all went out to dinner around 8:30pm which was lovely. There was a moment during dinner where Kelli looked at me and smiled and said, “how do we go back”? We were living our dream to travel with our kids. To have a life of adventure. Just felt good to actually be moving out of our comfort zone and doing it.

The reality came back in and we when went home and started the long bedtime process… Like I said in a past post, kids keep you grounded to the important routine of parent hood.