Life is Feeling More Normal (Day 15)

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Life is funny. Ironically the day after my friend asked me if I am going to be able to keep up my daily journaling and I said “for sure” that is easy, I was not able to do it in the morning like usual. So here I am at 8pm at night rushing to journal about my day before to keep my streak alive.  My fear is if I miss one day there goes the whole ball game. Can you relate to that in other things in your life? 

On Tuesday, Kelli took the kids to school in the morning while I stayed home to focus on some of exciting projects at Lawline. I was able to do a double work out during the day which consisted of an almost 6 mile run in the morning and a weight workout in the afternoon. Living the dream.

Kelli was able to do her first yoga class as well. At night, I had a couple of conference calls with my company that was very helpful. What is so cool about living abroad is my days feel soooo much longer because I am able to get work stuff done in the morning and evening and have a very full day on a personal level. 

We put together food we had in the kitchen for dinner and I passed out around 1030. It was actually just a normal typical boringish day. I guess that is the first step to feeling that you are home.