What Would You do With $250 Million Dollars? (Day 17)

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I have been told by several friends and of course my parents they love reading my daily posts about Barcelona. I suspect it makes them feel closer to us. We are just doing mostly ordinary things the only difference is we are in Spain. What are things you can do to make others feel closer and more connected to you? 

Today was an interesting day for me not so much from being in Barcelona, but more in that it was a 100% normal work day as if I was back home. Started the morning with getting the kids out to school as usual. After an hour of work, I went for a quick run. In fact, since I did not have much time I actually ran a minute per mile faster than normal. Felt great. 

We were lucky enough to have the woman who cleaned for the old tenants in our place come and help us out too. It makes such a difference when she is here. Plus she does not speak English so it is a good opportunity to practice Spanish. 

I spent the rest of the day going through email, catching up on tasks that I have needed to do since I been here. I sent out an email to my network letting them know that The Fast Forward Mindset is now available on Audible. In fact, I offered 50 free Audible version of the book and it was filled up in less than an hour. 

One again, I hit the gym near my house. Got back and had another important meeting with team back in the states. Zoom really has been a game changer for that.

Learned some really interesting news that a company in the legal tech space, Clio, just raised $250,000,000 in funding. Yes you are looking at the right amount of zeros. It is a huge win for the legal space as a whole. In fact, a lot of the areas they are focusing on are on our radar including, helping clients get better connected to their attorneys, as well as, get better access to justice.

In addition, they plan to spend a significant amount of money expanding their services in Europe. In fact, seeing how Lawline can expand it’s services throughout Europe is an important reason I am living in Barcelona right now. All in all it was very energizing to see this and I am super proud of how far they have come in just over 10 years. 

Ok back to Barcelona. My kids are really coming into their own at school. Had normal day in all their classes. They once again took the public bus home. Have made lots of new friends. They are adjusting just as they would at a new middle school in NY.  We pick up some delicious looking pizza breads (photo on top) for dinner and I was happy to say everyone was in bed before 11pm. Still much later though than we want. 

This Sunday we are going to restart the 3 Questions for the Frantic Family exercise. We did it several years ago and it was helpful then for bedtime and I know it will be again. On a side note, Kelli started journaling too, but don’t think she is going to be sharing it publicly just yet. Sorry folks.