You Are Not Alone – On Your Business Journey

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is a testimony from a valued reader of The FFwd Mindset. I want to impact thousands of people with my Fast Forward Mindset message and it takes stories like this to spread something so close to my heart. 

I got the book in the mail today and read it through on my way into the city. Parts of it got me a bit choked up because they hit home, and so much of it resonated. 

One instance – the part about delegating much to Jeff, your #2, and then being paralyzed by fear that he might leave. One year ago, that was me. I felt completely alone and was anxious and stressed over the situation. It was difficult to get through. 

Or, the part where your dad provided some criticism of your business and it made you doubt yourself and ultimately shelve a new business.My dad is also an entrepreneur. He is someone whose opinion I take to heart more than anyone, definitely to a fault. In the past, he’s questioned my business ideas and had an outsized effect on my perception moving forward. I know he wants to be helpful, but that influence I think has held me back. 

When you discussed your situation with Kim and she asked “He seems to yield a great deal of power. What is that about?” and I thought about it all, I got choked up. I had felt that I was the only one dealing with that stress and influence. I then understood that I’m not the only one in this situation.  

These examples really helped me to recognize what you’re saying – you’re not alone. It’s one thing to read advice telling you to do something. But it’s quite another to see the proof in these anecdotes from your personal experience. 

This book has been like a good therapy session. I know, I’ve only read it once, but it’s helped me to realize, clearly, I’m not alone. And, I am now more excited for the challenges I have and ready to put this book into practice in my day to day. I am ready to NIP fear in the bud!

 Thank you for this book. In this book, I feel like I have a new companion in all of this. Thank you.

You can check out The Fast Forward Mindset here.