The Power of a Coach

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Life has a funny way of connecting you with people who help you grow.

Some time ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Green. Over the past few years, Mark has made an instrumental difference coaching me and our team at Lawline.

He is one of the most intuitive, empathetic, intelligent leaders I have ever come across. Personally and professionally, he has built bridges for me. He has helped me be a better leader to our amazing team at Lawline and has helped the business tremendously.

As I reflect on these few weeks after my book launch, people like Mark come to mind when I consider those who have had an indelible impact on me and, by extension, the book.

Thanks to all those who came to the book launch, all those who purchased the book, and to all those whose positive wishes have boosted me along this journey! Your support is invaluable to say the least.