The Broken Flip Flop (Day 7)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I felt accomplished today as I hit my goal to do 3 runs in a row in Sitges. This time I ran the furthest and ended up on all things on a nude beach. I heard they existed here and there it was in plan sight. We left around 1pm and got back to our apartment. The day was a pretty low key day as we did more shopping for the apartment, walked around the area, and the ended up out to dinner at a local restaurant, RIBS, with an outdoor area for kids to play.

My flip flop broke on the way home. In solidarity with me my kids took one of their flip flops off as well. Suffice to say we washed our feet as soon as we got home. 

In our building there are two small elevators with different buzzers that fit a max of 5 people each. Our new thing with the kids is adults go in one, kids in the other and we race to our floor. It is the small things. 

Also, we are getting to know some of the local shops around our building. There is a cafe where I have been buying french bread and Cortado, which is my favorite local coffee drink. 

With my parents coming for their first visit in October, the boys and I checked out one of the closest hotels to our apartment and it was perfect.

Finally, we had to dial back the phone use for all 3 kids. Traveling 6000 miles was about experiencing a new culture and each other in a different way. Moving forward, phones are just for communicating with others and some games not for watching shows. If the kids want to watch a show, they will do it together on the TV in living room. Lots of cool things to do with each other…. Wait until you see what they do tomorrow…