The Long Walk Home (Day 11)

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Friday morning, I started my day going to the gym once again. I learned another great lesson about this secure facility. In addition to an ID and fingerprint scan, if you leave and try to re-enter within 45 minutes it will deny you entry. What can I do, I needed some of that cortado to give me energy. After doing back and bi’s (feels so good to be working out again), I headed home to start the day. 

The twins went to school to decorate their locker with all the nick nacks they bought the day before.  From there, Jonah and I met them in the Gothic quarter. Grabbed lunched at a cafe, first sat outside, but got too hot and went inside. Learned another lesson, some places charge you more for outside seating, even if after 5 minutes you decide to go inside. Don’t worry, I would not let that fly.  Food management for the kids has been a bit of a challenge. We eat later and kids seem fine until they are not fine and starving. We pay the price…I’m thinking of always have Scooby snacks on me of some sort that I can dole out when needed. 

The long walk for gelato

We were close to 2 miles from home and I had to be back for a 5pm podcast with Kim Ades. Because of the 4 person limit, the plan was to start walking together and everyone else would get in a cab after gelato and I would keep walking. Well Google Maps took us to a area off the beaten path with no ice cream anywhere, in fact not much people anywhere. Kids screaming again…. You would think we never had lunch… But it was HOT and I was loosing it a bit too. 

The walk continues

A few Yelp searches later by my beautiful wife and we are in a delicious gelato place. Two taxi’s later I got home just in the nick of time and did my podcast with Kim. It is so energizing to talk about The Fast Forward Mindset, especially with her. It will air in a few weeks and I will be sure to share it. 

That evening, we did an 2.5 hour chronological interview with a job candidate for Lawline. These interviews are long and detailed and many times feel more like a therapy session that an interview. But if you want to get to know someone this is one of the best ways to do it. We learned about it in the book Top Grading.  This was our first time doing it via Zoom, as I was in Barcelona, Rich was in Ithaca, and Sigalle was in NYC.  The technology worked great and it some ways was more advantageous that an in person interview. 

Enjoying the pool at our local gym.

Kelli took Jonah and Leila to the pool in our gym for a couple of hours and they loved it. In fact, the floor in one section is a glass bottom which is the check-in area for the entrance to the gym.  Josh and I met them out for dinner. We went to the 7 restaurants in a row that are a cross between take-out and outdoor seating. We chose Mexican while Jonah and Leila chose Pizza. Eating dinner at 10:30 and going to bed after 12am is our new Spanish way. School starting on Monday… Another full day in Barcelona.