The Life of an International CEO (Day 37)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Back to school on Wednesday. Had my Spanish class after drop off. After class I ended up just staying in the room and did work for a couple of hours. Kel had her book club in the afternoon, and since I was picking the kids up today, I decided to just work by the school all day. 

The room I was in has a view of the mountains and the ocean with a nice breeze coming in. I was in the right spot. (photo above does not do it justice). At about 12:30, I decided to walk to an outdoor cafe for lunch hoping they would have wifi to continue my work. Also, I strategically went for an “early” lunch knowing the rush in Spain is closer to 2. It paid off, it was empty when I got there, and there was a wait list when I left around 2.  And luckily they had wifi. 

Most exciting to me, I was able to communicate effectively to the waiter at the end of the meal in Spanish. One of the first phrases I learned here was “para llevar (pronounced yevar) which means “take away” or “to go” as we say in the states. So at the end of the meal when the waiter was clearing my table I said the following:

I pointed to two of my three plates and said, “dos para llevar,” I continued, “y uno cortado por favor” (cortado is my favorite coffee drink). Finally, I said, “tienes (do you have) croissants?” He answered, “si.” I replied, “tres croissants para llevar.” He nodded his head and brought me my cortado, my food to go and 3 extra croissants to bring to the kids. 

I know the above is simple and basic, but it feels so good to be in the beginning stages of learning a new language and being in an environment where you can use it daily. 

From lunch, I walked back to the school, and picked up the kids with my 3 croissants. It was a good thing too as they were all starving. Good, I am learning. Guess what, as a result, we had no screaming or fighting. 

We hung at school for a bit as Josh was in study hall, which I found out later he was actually watching “The Fresh Prince of Bell Air.” I should have been mad, but I could not help but smile imagining Carlton dancing on a TV in Barcelona. 

We took the bus home and walked from there. Def got that down now! On the negative side, I pulled my back out a little (happens once or so a year) so was walking slower than normal. Kel took Leila to her dance class, I hung with the boys and then Kel brought home dinner for us all. 

Jonah was so tired he passed out at 7:00, before dinner. He needed it! As the big kids were heading to bed, I was getting ready for my 10:30pm call with Lawline’s COO. Lot’s of things to go over and a great way to end the night. I was slacking (online chat) with someone in the company, and he said to me, “burning the midnight oil?” and I responded, “just getting started.” Then he quipped back, “the life of an international CEO.”  I guess that is now what I am. Pretty cool!