My Trip Back to NYC (Day 110 to 116)

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Monday – Day 110 – First Day in NYC

NYC welcomed me with rainy weather as I headed to New Jersey for my first meeting of the week with Lawline’s COO, Sigalle, and our executive coach, Mark Green.  Our goal was to focus on what we needed to do next year to execute on the strategy that we finalized during our annual planning meeting. I believe it is important to switch up your normal routine and try something new when trying to make change happen in your business and personal life. 

An empty NJ Transit train greeted me on my first dreary day back in NYC.

So we looked at what routines we do as a business that are currently helping us, what were neutral, and what were potentially hurting us. One thing for sure, there are some things that zoom video can not replace. For meetings like this, being in person is key. 

Afterwords, I took an Uber to my sister’s house. I was looking forward to sleeping there, seeing the family, and hanging out with the kids. We had a great dinner at a local Italian place and then Jetlag set in and I was in bed by 8pm. 

Always nice to get a shoutout from your sis!

 Tuesday – Day 111-  First Day in the Office

The morning started off with Eli and I doing a 7-minute workout at 6am in the basement. Then I had my first experience commuting to work from NJ. I actually found it quite relaxing. We had our monthly company meeting at 10am and I was happy to give my CEO message in person. 

It went something like this… “What does it look like to live to your fullest potential in 2020?” I then shared what it looks like for Lawline to live to its fullest potential. The meeting was high energy as we reviewed our annual initiatives for 2019 and what is upcoming for 2020. 

That evening was our company holiday party. Always a great time. 

Greeting seeing my peop at the Lawline Holiday party!
We even dress the same!

Wednesday – Day 112 – Back to Brooklyn

This was my Brooklyn day. But first, I had breakfast in the city with Sandra, who was our kids babysitter since they were born. It was so nice to catch up with each other (but of course since she reads the blog she was pretty caught up). From there, I stopped by my house and checked on everything. It was great to see them make it their own. I then ended seeing lots of our friends throughout the day and made sure to take selfies to send to Kel. 

I then headed to midtown to drop in on the Entrepreneurs Organization board meeting. Having been president of the board last year, it felt great to literally get an applause from the room when I walked in. I did not expect that!!!!! 

From there, we headed to One World Trade Center to go to an event on the Top of the Freedom Tower. The elevator went up in 45 seconds. The view was of course amazing. And it was great to catch up with friends I had not seen in months. 

Had a sit down at One World Trade Center to straighten things out.

Back in Barcelona, Kelli had a night to remember.  She had made a reservation back in September at Disfrutar, which is ranked #9 of the World’s Best Restaurants. Since I was in NY, she made it a ladies night and said it was amazing! Each dish of the 25 courses was more creative, unique, and inspiring then the next. And she was happy to share this experience was three friends who didn’t feel so new anymore.

Thursday & Friday – Day 113 & 114 –  Headed Back to Barcelona 

In the morning, I headed to my office to have final meetings. We have our team lunch on Thursdays and it was a good way to end the trip. My flight was delayed to leave NYC from 11pm to 1:25am. While not ideal, it did give me more time to hang with my mom, as my dad left in the morning for business. 

The flight itself was easy, but it was kind of trippy to arrive in Barcelona at 2pm on Friday. That night Kel and Leila had a book club with her friends so I hung with the boys and watched a late night movie. 

Love seeing Barcelona out my window.

Saturday –  Day 115 – The Lazy Day – Pre-Holiday Party

Unfortunately, Kelli woke up not feeling well and in fact could not leave the bed the entire day. So as a family, we hunkered down and just watched movies and stayed home most of the day. 

That night, I went to our friend’s holiday party solo. It was great to connect and meet new people throughout the night. 

Hanging with friends at the Holiday Party.

Sunday – Day 116 – The Kids Bday Party 

Luckily, Kelli woke up feeling better as we had the twins birthday party at 1pm at an Escape Room. In total we had 18 kids and it was such a great time. From the kids playing in the mall first, to the escape room, to the competing birthday songs at the restaurant afterwards. It was a simple, easy and fun party. 

The rest of the day we cleaned up and hung at the house, opening gifts and playing with the presents.


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