Addicted to Comfort

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I once drove (very slowly) from New York to DC during a major nor’easter.

This was all to see Jack Canfield speak at his One Day to Greatness Event.

First of all, it was totally worth it, although I wouldn’t recommend anyone drive during inclement weather.

Canfield made a lot of great points that day, but one in particular that resonated with me was, “Most of you are not where you want to be because you are addicted to comfort.”

He went on to show us how easy it is to make the feeling of discomfort that we initially have when leaving our comfort zones go away.

He asked everyone in the audience to interlock their hands with each other a few times in a row. I did this and thought, “This is easy enough.”

Then, he asked us to place the opposite on top. When I did this, it felt like someone else’s thumb entirely.

However, Jack told us that if we continued to do this for 5 minutes, the awkward feeling would go away. I tried it and he was right – it did!

Don’t believe me? Try it now!

He then went on to say what we all know deep down: “You have to be willing to do the uncomfortable things that make you grow.”

Wise words indeed.