“Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows?”

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Early in my career, I was yelled at and thrown out of my supervisor’s office while completing an internship.

It was a defining moment for me in my life.

The whole story is much longer, but it taught me an important lesson.

In hindsight, all things can be justified or glorified based on any individual’s perspective. I decided to start perceiving all my past and present experiences in a particular way.

Instead of diagnosing events or experiences as good or bad, I started asking, “Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows?”

That negative internship experience eventually led to a tremendous amount of fulfillment and happiness that I am able to enjoy with my family, friends, and team at Lawline. 

Next time life throws you a curve ball, don’t rush to diagnose it as good or bad. Instead, ask, “Good Thing, Bad Things, Who Knows?” and just let it play out as it may.