Day 3: My First Run

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I started day 3 with my first run as a resident of Spain. I did a 5 mile loop to take me through the area around where I live. On my way back, I bought pan francés and zumo de naranja (orange juice) for the family. Again, another day when the kids slept late because they are still getting used to the time change. I think last night they beat the 1am bedtime from the night before. 

We continued to unpack and I started to settle in to my work routine. I had a couple of conference calls with some of my team at Lawline. I also started to review some exciting projects we are launching shortly. 

One thing I love about being 6 hours ahead is until 3pm when I focus on work I do not feel the stress of the day and I am able to stay in brainstorming/strategy mode. Also, at the end of the day, after 9pm is also when big ideas come to my head and important things I normally want to review with the team. Back in the states, I have to wait until the next day, now I am have the option to connect with anyone in the office. To me it is so cool! 

While I was on my calls, Kel went shopping for more apartment stuff and took the kids to the playground area.  Before we knew it, it was 930pm and made an audible to make the kids breakfast for dinner (as that is the only food we had). They loved it. 

Of course we had to get another bottle of wine, sit on our terrace and reflect on Day 3 in Barcelona. 


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