Catalan Day and Our Visit to the Science Museum (Day 23)

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It was Catalonia Day which is a national holiday in Spain. They say 600,000 or so go to the streets to celebrate as well as many protest for independence. We decided we did not want to go to the main area where everyone would be marching.

Catalan Day

It was one of those mornings where we could not get going and it was as if we were talking a different language to the kids. They would say they want to leave then we would get ready to leave and then they would get distracted in their own play and would not listen to us when we said let’s go. But hey at least they were not staring at screens.

Jonah has grown much taller since we moved.

In the morning, I was interviewed by Ari Kaplan on his podcast about The Fast Forward Mindset. I got to give him props as he was up at 5:45am in NY to do it. After, I had my weekly coaching call with my COO so we ended up going to Turo Park for about an hour as I could no go to far.  

“On your mark, get set, go!”

Josh and I decided to race around the center where he would go left and I would go right. The first one back to the starting line won. Either my legs were sore from all the running or he has gotten much faster, prob a little of both. I then took him for a walk and bought chocolate croissants for the kids.  

Racing toward the finish

Kel then took the kids to the science museum while I did my video call. I met them there close 5pm. The place is amazing and certainly worth a visit. Kel headed back by herself as she had dinner plans with a bunch of the women that night. After an hour or so of playing in the courtyard, I bribed the kids to do the 1.5 mile downhill walk home by buying each one of them an orange soda. Again, maybe pushing it a little, but I did not want to get in a taxi and just be home.  

Enjoying the chocolate croissants

It was a beautiful walk and we actually got 2/3 of the way with no sibling fighting. From there it went from bad to worse. People were staring. My choice was to scream back or just let them sort it out. I chose the latter. 

This was my first night putting the kids to bed alone in Barcelona. I got to say so far ever since we did the frantic family exercise they have be in bed by 9:30pm. Having a set bedtime makes all the difference in the world. Made dinner and did the non stop dishes. Fell asleep by 12am and Kel was still out at a famous Speak Easy in the Borne area. 

Playing outside in the science museum

Another great day in Barcelona!