Back to Sevilla for New Years (Trip: Post 4 of 5)

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(Sevilla –> Marrakech –> Sahara Desert –> SEVILLA –> Malaga) 

Monday – Day 131 – The Battle to Get Our Bags to Sevilla 

After an early wake up we arrived at the Marrakech airport to deal with two flights on Iberia on two different reservations to get us back to Sevilla. We had to switch planes in Madrid and it would not allow us to book them together online because the layover time was too short. So at the airport we worked with the agents for an hour to get the bags all the way to Sevilla. The stakes were high because if we had to get our bags in Madrid and then re-check them we were going to 100% miss our flight to Sevilla. First a “no,” then another “no”…then after seeing a manager, and two agents fighting with another agent on our behalf, we were finally able to switch our bags to go straight to Sevilla. It was a huge victory. 

When we finally got to Sevilla, the victory was short lived when we realized that none of the bags made it. To be honest, I sort of expected it as the Madrid airport was huge and our planes were VERY far apart. We got to our amazing 5 BR House in the heart of Sevilla that we were sharing with Raivetz’s with only the clothes on our backs. After 3 days in the desert we were used to being dirty and this was par for the course for this trip. 

That is when it started! My stomach in not so many words exploded. I went 7 days in Morocco without getting sick, but it seemed like it was a parting gift to me to get traveler’s diarrhea. I think it was what I ate at the airport as it had some vegetables that I am guessing was washed in unclean water. Soon after the stomach pain, I started shaking uncontrollably for 2 hours or so until I took some Advil and eventually fell asleep. The rest of the crew picked up wine and ordered in pizza.

Tuesday – Day 131 – New Years Eve!

The next morning, I still felt it and I did not leave the house until 2pm.

Everyone else had been out exploring and the weather was perfect. We got the call that four out of our five bags were at the airport. Kelli and Lauren went to pick them up while Ari kept the kids busy and out of the house, buying them souvenirs. I was not going to keep myself at home on my last day in Sevilla. After popping Pepto Bismol all morning, I felt ready to go walking with the crew. We went out to buy the girls some clothes since the suitcase that was still missing was Kelli and Leila’s clean clothes. 

In a weird way, I felt like a patient from a hospital who had not seen the real world in days. I was walking slowly and afraid to go too far. Eventually we went out to eat and I stuck with the BRAT diet, Bread, Rice, Apple Sauce, Toast. We went to a delicious tapas restaurant and I had plain white rice and bread, and it was just perfect. 

We went back to the house, relaxed, and took showers.  Between the walk, the rice, and the shower, I felt  90% better and I felt confident I could go out and enjoy New Years with everyone.

We left the house at 9pm, with the thought to stop at a few Tapas restaurant throughout the night and end up at Plaza Nueva with the thousands of other people to celebrate New Years. Unfortunately, a lot of other people had the same idea and no restaurant had space, let alone for 9 people.  So after an hour of searching, we found this hole in the wall where we could get wine and Tortillas de Patatas. Enough to keep us going until we headed to the square. It was actually great.

Since we could not find a restaurant on New Years, Leila and Lila decided to do some fake poses to keep themselves occupied.
The crowd that gathered in Plaza Nueva to celebrate New Years in Sevilla.

Earlier in the day, we bought over 100 grapes and champagne, as the Spanish tradition is to have 12 grapes, making a wish with each grape, at the stroke of midnight. Of course everyone has champagne with it. It was wall to wall people, the clock struck 12, we made our wishes and celebrated a great vacation together. Our 4th New Years in a row, together as families. And what a way to end such an unforgettable trip together!

Selling 12 grape sticks in Plaza Nueva on New Years.
Jonah trying to give Leila a kiss for New Years. At least that is what I am going to believe from this moment in time of the photo.
Celebrating 2020!
Josh & Leila making some noise as the New Years rolls in.

We got back to the house and said our goodbyes, as the Raivetz’s were leaving early in the morning back to the US.