What Would Your Life Look Like in 20 Years?

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What does your life look like 20 years from now?

I made the decision that when I am 60 years old and my dad is 92, the conversation we have to reflect will sound like this:

“Dad, my 40 year old self would be so proud that I have given it MY ALL to have the impact I was supposed to on the world, my family, the community, and my businesses.”

I will not be sitting there, regretting things I should have attempted or done.

However, many times in the past I thought I wasn’t reaching my full potential. Self doubt and desire for ensuring I made the most of my life always loomed over me.

Recently, I have decided to be more Fearless and Focused in pursuit to have a greater impact.  I have envisioned my ideal future and will leave regret behind on my journey to get there.