A Quick Week Before Semana Blanca (Day 172 to 176)

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Monday – 172

First I went to Spanish class then I had my private Spanish lesson with Kelli. Mondays are tough with pretty much 3 hours straight of Spanish. I then went for a quick run before heading to my forum meeting and a nice dinner out. 

Tuesday – 173

Josh was sick so I stayed home with him and missed the new member EO lunch. On the upside, I caught up on a lot of work. Had a great call with Damon Gersh and received good experience sharing on how to prepare my business for growth. 

Wednesday – 174

Spanish class, spinning, COO coaching call. Kel took Leila to dance. I made dinner. Josh and Jonah were waiters, and Josh made a custom menu for the girls to order from when they got back home from dance. 

Thursday – 175 

Had lunch with Marti who owns Directo.com (Law) and ElAbagato.com (The Lawyer). It was great to dive deeper into understanding the legal market in Spain. Gym in Sant Gervasi. Kel and I went out for a quick date night at a Vietnamese restaurant, then put the kids to bed. 

Friday – 176

Dropped kids off at school, bought ski socks, went to gym. Had lunch with Markus at Woki Organic. Picked kids up at school, returned rental car, packed for trip.