A Great Day in Girona (Day 27)

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What do you get when you eat breakfast in hotel and you are a kid. Crepes with Nutella of course. But not just some Nutella A LOT of Nutella that you cannot even finish it. That was how our day started in Costa Brava. After a late start we headed to the town of Girona and while researching it, found this awesome blog of a family who traveled the world for a year

Important fact, several scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed there including the famous Shame..Shame episode that takes place on the church steps. The town was beautiful. Josh said it best when he said he felt like we were on a movie set. It just did not look real. We hiked up the church steps and the kids slid down some others. We walked around the old city walls and checked out the Jewish quarter, one of the oldest in Europe. 

We walked and we walked and ended the day with delicious Gelato that we all earned. From there we drove back to Barcelona in just over one hour. I returned the car and we heated up some meals the chef prepared the week before. 

All in all, a great day. 

PS. All moments of our children fighting with each other has not been added to this post as I do not have it in me to write about it every single day. 🙂

Cathedral in Girona. Also famous for being featured in The Game of Thrones
Hanging on the Steps.
A famous tradition in Girona
What big brothers are for!
View from the city Walls