150 Days in Barcelona – My Current Grades

Reading Time: 2 minutes

On Day 150, it is once again time to do a quick grade of my past 50 days in Barcelona.

Spanish – B+
I am happy with my progress at this stage. I am able to have basic communication at a kindergarten level and that is enough to get by day to day. These next 50 days will be crucial as if I do not pass this level, I can see myself getting stuck here for a long time.
Day 50: B-
Day 100: B+
Day 150: B+

Community – B
We were away for a couple of weeks for the holiday and to be honest it was hard to get back into the swing of things. Also, many times I have a preference to do things solo vs with others and need to keep pushing myself here. As a result, I was putting less effort into reaching out with friends or connecting with new people.
Day 50 – B+
Day 100: A-
Day 150: B

Health – B+
I continue to adapt and push myself here. In the beginning it was running a lot, then it was joining the gym. Most recently I have added spinning to the mix. I know the more I exercise, the better I feel. I want to keep pushing myself here.
Day 50: B+
Day 100: B+
Day 150: B+

Business – B+
I am into a good routine with Lawline’s COO and the company. We are moving in the right direction and I am happy with my ability to support it from here.
Day 50: C+
Day 100: B
Day 150: B+

Family – B+
We had our epic two week vacation together as well as our weekend getaways. We are spending more time together as a family than we ever have before. Ultimately that is the point of this adventure. Of course, with 3 competing kids, school, and lots of travel all that time is not always singing kumbaya. But that is part of the process and the memories we are creating that will last a lifetime.
Day 50: B
Day 100: B+
Day 150: B+