Re-Usable Plastic Grocery Bags (Day 8)

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It is getting harder and harder to journal each day, not because I do not like journaling but because as we settle in the day starts to blend together. At the kids new school each new student is assigned a buddy in their class to help them get adjusted not only to a new school but in most cases a new country too. 

Today, Leila had plans to meet her buddy at the local mall. Since Josh’s buddy was still back in the US he tagged along. I stayed back with Jonah to do a super market shopping. It was as enjoyable as when I did it with Leila the week before. Jonah dragged the cart around while we walked through the isles translating items and trying to find where things were located. 

Choosing our Fruit

We found the fruits and vegetables. I saw everyone weighing them and putting a ticket on it. In broken Spanish I asked someone how they know what to put for each fruit. She showed me where the number label was to type in and all of a sudden we had a new game for Jonah. 

I was pleased to see that they had reusable leash bags I could buy to put the fruit in addition the plastic bags the offered. My plastic usage is way up here as we navigate a new system and I hope to get it back down as I learn the ins and outs. At checkout, we had to buy the plastic bags to carry the food home in and the good news is they are very strong and can easily be re-used as well.  This is 100% a practice that should be copied everywhere in the states. 

Jonah was a trooper and carried two decently heavy bags home. Later in the day, Jonah and I got Gelato, followed by pizza, and then joined the local gym! Why not. Kel met us with a box of 25 hangers she got from a sporting store that the employee was going to throw out and gave it to her instead. Hacking the system. 

That night, with no option for being on their phones, the kids inspired by America Ninja Warrior created their own obstacle course in the apartment and took turns one after the other doing it. It made a mess of the place, and they ended up staying up way too late from all the running around, but I had to smile how quickly not staring at phones can turn into play….

Tomorrow is school sponsored scavenger hunt for the buddies and the a barbecue for all new families.