Leadership & Loyalty Podcast

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There is an ever increasing demand to move faster. But the truth is as we move faster, it’s also easier to become more afraid.

So the question becomes; how can you develop the mindset that will accelerate you and your business through the fear on to greater and greater success? 

Well stay tunes because our guest on this episode is David Schnurman

David is the founder and CEO of Lawline, the leading provider of online Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in the US. The company recently celebrated serving over 150,000 attorneys with over 3,000,000 courses completed. David Schnurman is also the current president of Entrepreneurs Organization New York. 

He is the author of the highly anticipated business book:The Fast Forward Mindset.

On this episode we go Full Monty About:

  • How to make an impact faster by Fast Forwarding Your Mindset
  • Going from developing confidence to taking action 
  • Overcoming Fear
  • What David’s Mom says about his Transparency
  • The biggest mistake leaders make around “Vulnerability”
  • The Power of Commitment
  • Why when everything is going “great” he moving to Barcellona
  • How Running on passion can destroy you
  • Why you shouldn’t be hiring “super hero” leaders
  • Autonomy and Accountability where is the balance?
  • David’s Guilty Pleasure!

And so much more…