David Schnurman – 9.2 EO Rated Speaker!

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Keynote & Workshop Topic:
How to Be More Fearless & Focused to Fast Forward Your Success

By utilizing the Fast Forward Mindset, David will show leaders how to overcome lack of confidence and fear, get out of their comfort zones and embrace new experiences.  David does this by sharing the lows and highs of his own journey, from the false starts and disappointments of his early years, to founding and growing an award-winning multi-million dollar company and becoming president of Entrepreneurs Organization NY. 

David has pushed many entrepreneurs outside of their comfort zones to grow their business and leadership skills.  The Fast Forward Mindset’s three-step formula provides a powerful toolset that will teach attendees to be fearless and focused in their lives.

David’s Background

David Schnurman is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He has built his company Lawline over the past 12 years to the leading provider of Online Continuing Legal Education. Lawline has won multiple awards, including most recently, the top 10 Best Companies for Women.

David is the author of the book “The Fast Forward Mindset: How to Be More Fearless & Focused to Accelerate Your Success.” The book has been endorsed by Verne Harnish (Scaling Up) & Gino Wickman (Traction), whose books are the two major frameworks entrepreneurs follow to scale and grow their companies.  In addition, Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning, which has sold over one million copies, wrote the forward.

The book shares a very simple formula to consistently break through your walls as an entrepreneur.

Lastly, David is no stranger to EO. Twelve years ago, he was in the first ever Accelerator program, and just this past year, was president of the New York chapter. This summer, he moved with his family to Barcelona, joined the local chapter and has been blogging about his experience ever since.”

Speaking Highlights

David is a frequent speaker to business organizations, colleges, and high schools on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, mindset, leadership, and culture.

In EONY/ EO Brooklyn joint event, David’s speech,  “How I Got Out of My Comfort Zone For Good” received a 9.2 rating. During the talk, David shared how getting outside of your comfort zone as an entrepreneur can fast forward your mindset to have a bigger impact on your business and the world around you.  

“How I Got Out of My Comfort Zone For Good” – EO Talks (NY Chapter)

David’s also kicked off EO 24/7 Reimagining Significance, receiving a 4.7 out of 5 rating. EO 24/7 was a week long virtual learning conference hosted for EO’s 13,000+ members and the public at large. In addition, David recently spoke at a TEDxYouthBrambleton, with his talk entitled, “Fast Forward Your Success & Happiness For Good.” 

The Fast Forward Mindset has helped 1000’s of entrepreneurs be more fearless and focused to break through their mental walls. See a short highlight of the talk below.

The Fast Forward Mindset – 2 Minute Highlight Reel

Lastly, David was featured in a video series at the Global Leaders Conference (GLC) in Toronto, discussing his experience being president of EONY and what GLC is like from a member point of view (See Video 1 and Video 2).

To learn more about David’s Fast Forward Mindset keynote speech with actionable takeaways or his longer workshop, please feel free to reach out directly to him at david@ffwdmindset.com.